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Quick Facts and Specs for the OLPC XO

Find below the most important facts and specs for the OLPC XO:


The 100$ notebook (current model: OLPC XO-1) is produced by Quanta Computers, who has a 33% market share of laptops world-wide. It contains an AMD LX-Geode CPU at 700 MHz and 256 MB of RAM. There is no hard disk, but a 1 GB flash memory. A dual-mode SVGA LCD screen (Monochrome and Colour mode) helps saving power. Built-in wireless network interface and colour camera.


The software of the OLPC is open source, the operating system is Fedora Core, the graphical user interface is called Sugar. A special version of Firefox is used as web browser, the word processor is Abiword. E-Mail is sent and received through GMail. LinuxBIOS is stored on an 1 MB flash ROM.

History and Goal

OLPC (originally a group at the Media Lab of MIT, now an independent organisation) proposed to design a low cost laptop intended for use by children in developing nations. The laptop is poised to empower and educate children through the use of technology, and connect the world's next generation of thinkers.


The first prototypes of the XO laptops have been shipped by the end of 2006. In February 2007, a pilot with over thousand machines has been started. The first large-scale rollout has commenced in November 2007.