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What is OLPC?

The mission of this non-profit association (One Laptop Per Child) is to develop a low-cost laptop - the "$100 Laptop" - a technology that could revolutionize how we educate the world's children. Their goal is to provide children around the world with new opportunities to explore, experiment, and express themselves.

The first notebook model, the OLPC XO, has started to be rolled out to the first third-world countries in November 2007. OLPC laptops can be ordered via Amazon, starting November 17, 2008. You can have a look at Sugar, the machine's user interface, here.

Order your OLPC XO now!

Picture of the Green OLPC XO

  • OLPC Australia gets $11.7m budget boost
    ITWire Australia - May 9, 2012
    The One Laptop per Child Australia project has received a boost from the federal budget, with a one-off grant of $11.7 million for its program. OLPC Australia chief executive Rangan Srikhanta said ...

  • One Laptop Per Child may go for-profit
    Boston Business Journal - May 20, 2011
    One Laptop Per Child, which drew widespread attention in the technology and philanthropy worlds in recent years with its goal of distributing super-cheap laptop computers in developing countries, is considering a shift from nonprofit to for-profit in hopes of raising as much as $10 million in capital....

  • Two Billion Laptops? It May Not Be Enough
    MY Times - April 20, 2010
    ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD is a nonprofit group that thinks big. Since 2007, it has sold inexpensive but rugged laptop computers to the governments of less-developed countries. The goal is to equip each of the two billion children in the developing world with his or her own computer. ...

  • OLPC XO-2 cancelled: tablet will be developed next
    guardian.co.uk - Nov 5, 2009
    The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project has abandoned plans to produce an innovative dual-screen ebook/netbook, and is aiming for a tablet computer instead. ...

  • Sugar interface, no OLPC necessary
    ZDNet Asia OR - Jun 26, 2009
    The OLPC (one laptop per child) XO-1 interface is now available on a USB stick. Sugar Labs, responsible for building the low-cost ...

  • India has ordered 250000 laptops from OLPC
    The Industry Standard OR - Apr 24, 2009
    India has ordered 250000 laptops from the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) organization, while a human rights organization will supply 5000 OLPC machines to ...

  • OLPC Goes Open Source
    Digitaltrends.com, OR - Jan 10, 2009
    One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) famously aimed to create the $100 laptop and make it available to schoolchildren throughout the world. ...

  • XO laptop launches in Europe
    PC Pro, UK - Nov 12, 2008
    "To anticipate them costing $20 each is not out of the question," said Nicholas Negroponte, the OLPC's chairman. However, the first XO laptop was hit by ...

  • Colombia Signs up for OLPC Laptops With Windows
    PC World - Nov 10, 2008
    Colombia will become the second country to use the One Laptop Per Child Project's (OLPC) XO laptops running Microsoft Windows XP in schools after signing an ...

  • OLPC to Sell Its Low-Cost Notebooks Via Amazon
    PC Magazine - Sep 5, 2008
    by Brian Heater When OLPC designed its low-priced, low-watt, neon-green XO laptop, the company never intended to make it commercially available to consumers ...


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